My Boss, My Hero (Single)

by G x Numatik

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「G x Numatik / My Boss, My Hero」

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My Boss, My Hero ft. Numatik
Jee Kim aka G

Trippin’ on that fourty five… (Mark 10)
Trippin’ on that fourty five… (five)

He a boss… boss… (I don’t think they hear me…)
He a boss… boss…
Better know that I’ma boast! He my hero!
Purchasing my repo, left blood soaked…
Then He spoke… I finish it, and now we know…
He a boss… boss… (I don’t think they hear me…)
He a boss… boss…

[Verse 1]
Can you hear it? When we roll up?
That bass knock, and I hold up
Like motivational posters
Got both arms and I show love
My left and my right arm, hang right above my shoulders!
I’m holding on… moving on…
Like I got my Sméagol on, and my precious is…
So precious in, my mind, spirit a definite
I let him in; let him in, my enemy irrelevant!
Consumed by, renewed minds…
I feel like I’m on new time!
I let him in; let him in, obsession with the Veteran!

[Verse 2]
See we rock, we lean…
Like something up in our genes
Like one of us, ain’t one enough?
Nah, love in me, I’m bolder now
I’m going up, flying even higher like a rocket!
Cannot stop me, while I rock it!
To the top of the Red Carpet…
Like you stoned, your mind light
That truth get yo mind right!
That lukewarm lifestyle
I’ll Liu Kang that right now!
Got fire? I’m on fire, like a telephone wire
When it’s zapped, I’m empowered! No lack, got #thatPOWER!


released October 16, 2013
MC - Numatik
Produced / Mix / Mastered - G
Special Thanks to Jee Kim and Roots of Society Records



all rights reserved


Numatik Portland, Oregon

We are either slaves, or a free people—the lie is believing in a middle ground.

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