Ten Thousand To Flight - EP

by July x tsunenori x Kkaytoh x Numatik

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「Numatik / Ten Thousand To Flight: Collection」

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released June 13, 2013

July (produced track 2)
Elyonbeats (mixed/mastered track 2)
Michael Palomar (mixed/mastered track 3 & 4)
tsunenori (produced track 4)
Kkaytoh (remixed/mastered track 5)
The Art Planet (artwork)



all rights reserved


Numatik Portland, Oregon

We are either slaves, or a free people—the lie is believing in a middle ground.

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Track Name: Uniform [prod. July]
July x Numatik
Original Instrumental: “July – In Love” [prod. July (줄라이)]

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the Excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. (1 Peter 2:9)

Verse 1:
In four days I’ll be up on stage,
Have you ever heard of a young cat they called Jayme?
(Save me!)
So he fell onto his knees to release all of the pain that he kept inside… Unseen,
A secret even seemed to be all that he would need, trusting’
The invitation now given, so he would run
Gone a ways down, now down the boulevard,
Starting’ out as a white lie, (no, no)
From start to the finish line oh, how I should’ve known
Soon to be disguised by a sealed mouth, and closed eyes,
I don’t want to be that personnel give me life!
–So play on, multiple records
My aim: carry your presence in so that you wreck ‘em,
A step closer to faces I can’t see
Shadows envelope a crowd, lines from memory…

Verse 2:
OSU beckons, my soul sing a remedy!
Signal onward, that’s where I’ll find peace
I’ll find me, amidst, among other things
Possibly meeting my wifey in the coming’ weeks!
Unravel, as I pull on the thread
Instead of living’ less than He called me I’ll live Red
Passionate, an oak…
Righteousness in my stems…
Ha, now He got me waving’ to them…
In the past, I wouldn’t have ever thought
That I’d be living’ out a miracle, living’ a clearer tone
Keeping’ the mic warm, or keeping’ it so hot
Always writing’, and’ recording a life that won’t stop, again, I take a look at the wind
See the effect on my friends, now I’m Numatik-living’
Spiritual songs elevate me, I’m starting’ to levitate
Ain’t it crazy, lately… my God’s been lifting a heavyweight…

They telling’ me, telling’ me I’m negotiable
Sorry to break it to ya, I won’t conform to the usual…
I’m a soldier enlisted for war, living’ in bliss, I’ma soar
Up high… I thank you listener...


Here we go; here we go can you hear it?
Can you feel it rising up? Inner healing…

I can be amazing for the Kingdom!
I can live my life in freedom, because…


Track Name: Loop
"Loop" | Numatik

I'm sorry momma!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry; but tonight
I'm cleaning out my closet
I said I'm sorry momma!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry, but tonight
I'm cleaning out my closet

Exemplary tactics, do you have this, quote super soaked madness
A reining ear, hear the sound of the visionary practice
Is he authentic or fraud, Marco is askin'
Polo wading' while I'm swimming solo
Emcee, entertainer, bro taking' notes though
Down to learn, growing' pains evident
Know the only way to write, diligently excellent
Excel in, how I rock when I'm telling' a story
Rhyme scheme, got you minding every theory
Want to know Him on a first name basis
Last name Ghost, first name greatness
Can't wait to meet Him, got my eyes open
Chosen, bended knee like a shōgun
A general for God, I'm an individual, mineral, cut from the one Rock
Yeah, got God over everything
Standing in awe like I'm staring' at the jungle, marvel
Everything He do like marble, pure white finish, everything white snow
And' so I write more, about the nature
The presence of His goodness, greater in measure
There's no stopping' the Word, or the words that I spit
I love it too much, an' can't get enough of it!
Track Name: Forest Bathing (Remix) [prod. tsunenori]
“Forest Bathing (Remix)”
tsunenori x Numatik
Original Instrumental: “tsunenori / forest bathing” [prod. tsunenori kawano]

Verse 1: (0:27-1:10)
Where have we gone? Where do I begin?
Do I begin to tell of where I been?
Maybe if I blend in, beginning to the ending
Would I find fulfillment?
Maybe in pretending…
Foreign messages begin to leak in at the mention…
Of, a life lived like a pendulum
Got ups and downs, yeah, I’ve seen it before…
Same tactics pack with, weight to break my back with
I’ve got to take it,
Kick it to the curb, then erase it
Even when I’m face with, mazes, I’ll play swift
And solve it in record time
Instead of hurting people I love, I’ll be kind…
See, I’ve seen dreams left aside, left at the sign of
Threat, yes getting’ the best of this saluted Colonel
Warrior from local…
Seven-Armed soldier… co-creating submersibles

Even if the torrent rages, I’ll be home bathing…
Relaxed, my back wet, imagination…

Enter the ‘cover of the canopy ‘
For lack of analogy
And we will see, glory atop of Calvary!

Me in safe haven… (haven)
Aim is for change when I awaken

Me in safe haven… (haven)
Caught up in bliss of rest, bathing

Verse 2: (1:33-1:54)
Action… that’s what we need
We need to be a people of service to those in need
Please, live for a vision pertaining youth
The next generation, we sow into, will commune
These are the future leaders!
And so I pray for, into the future that they’ll lead us, and not mistreat us
…Because we’re hopeful for a better day
The only way we’re gonna’ get a taste is if we pave the way!

Verse 3: (2:15-3:09)
Where have we gone? Where do I begin?
Do I begin to tell of where I been?
Maybe if I blend in, beginning to the ending
Would I find fulfillment?
Maybe in pretending…
But even when I’m stuck, lost in a memory
Caught in daze, I will cling to the present that I’m blessed with
A gift from heaven, scale one-to-ten, it’s eleven
See I’ll make the most of what I’m given
Release into the world what I’m feeling
Never looking back, back then, when I was sitting…
In front of my desk, writing rhymes in my room at night
Whoever thought it’d take me here?
Getting’ signed to Roots (ROS), part of a family who
Decided jazz-hop, I’ll recline when I’ve got, God telling’ me that I should wrap up…
For now I’ll play the rapper…
Through the melodies and tones…
Oh, I pray that you would know
Carry the savior, relationship with the maker
Good news is something I wouldn’t make up
This is the truth, I’m telling you that it is
Timeless, when you come find Him, you’ll liven
Track Name: Ten Thousand To Flight (Kkaytoh Remix)
“Ten Thousand To Flight”

Verse 1:
“It was all a dream” like Biggie said
I started off with a pen and a notepad
Aiming with no dad, now that he’s back
I’m a sold out, runner for glory directed over
Japan, I made it there
I land, it take me where I can’t…
So I shed this liquid love, running down
Steady streams, continual, under brow
Staring intently, closer, a people in need of help

Well, if, I could take the weight… But I can’t
If I could, but I can’t stand, without that…
I know you know what I mean…
My belief is what carried me over the Seven Seas!

That’s how I made it there…
Not only in flight, do we fly high, above our very atmosphere
That’s how I made it; I’ll take it into my grave
After sharing with everybody else, the road I paved
A road less traveled, than most, I hope more than I quote
I wrote down what I know, so I could get off the ropes
‘Cause I was getting’ hit left and right
I couldn’t block my eyes, left scars on my mind…
Give me a minute, a child within’ the image
I find, that I can be in the world, but not of it
A product of my culture,
Nah I’m living’ proof that I won’t break or fold
I’m living’ up, and’ I’m ready to go!
Yeah, I’m ready for more, I’m reaching out to the stars
Staying’ silent, is something I can’t afford
So if you’re ready to leave, take a walk with me
Ready to soar, far into these galaxies…

Ten thousand to flight… (one down)
Ten thousand to flight… (oh, we won now)
Ten thousand to flight… (one down)
Ten thousand to flight… (watch, how we run now)


Verse 2:
“It was all a dream” like Biggie said
I started off with a pen and a notepad
Whatever image I get, I steward it in my wrists
Triumph will follow, as long as I never quit…
Whoever thought that I’d be rapping loud
All that I wrote down… I’ll make it worthwhile!
See while I sign CDs, all through the ink I’ll speak
I hope you know by now,
Watching you grow right now
To be honest it is amazing…
Yo, you are #thatPOWER
And, you are that powerful, I’m telling you, you are!
So live life with the stars, not living’ lesser
In truth, dreaming’ together,
Promise never to settle
That’s how I made it there…
I got to see the world!
I got to see my heart open up even more…
That’s how I made it; I’ll take it into my grave
After sharing with the people who felt, the road I paved…