Diamonds In The Rough

by Michael Palomar x Numatik

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"D.I.T.R." Is the culmination of promise, and process.


released April 8, 2013

Producer / Artwork / MC - Numatik
Mix / Mastered - Michael Glenn Palomar
Special thanks to all of the guest features within the album.

おばあちゃん, 愛してる.
Thank you for believing in my call, and sowing so generously into this project!

Love always,

| Numatik |

lead who follows | follow the model 



all rights reserved


Numatik Portland, Oregon

We are either slaves, or a free people—the lie is believing in a middle ground.

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Track Name: Fly Away (feat. James Landrum)
Fly Away | Numatik ft. James Landrum

Psalm 118:5 says,
"In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free."

Free (I'm free), an' I'm livin' my life
Take the darkness, bring the light
Free (I'm free) an' I'm soarin' the sky
Watch me fly, watch me fly away

[Verse 1]
Happened so fast, didn't see it comin'
Dad left, eyes wet, soon to have nothin'
Fam theft, I sweat, now I can't trust him
I knew life, now a new life, start strugglin'
Seems like it's been awhile
Since my dad left, for a chick so quick, gettin' wild
"Forget the family, wifey, kids, mad at me"
Sad to think, wonda' if my daddy eva' thought of me?
An' here I was, abandoned by my own blood
Neva' thought a dad could abandon what he loved
'enough, havin' a fam's too scary
He was in a hurry to leave, he remarries
Three little kids left alone
All tryna' figure out, life on their own
Identity shown, I'm movin' on an' I'm neva' gonna' look back
My God's taken me higher than a jetpack

[Verse 2]
One thing, lead to another
Here I was a young boy livin' with a single mother
New school, new tools, got messed with
Couldn't hit back, sit back an' suppress it
I thought it through, exactly what I would do
Drop the three bullies, an' finally run 'em through
I'm done with all the drama an' lies
All the people saying I was too weak, all the drama I find
I wanted so bad, to put them bullies in line
But God had another plan in mind, not doin' time
He's killin' the pride inside me, on the daily
I don't want my pride to break me, an' go crazy
Mainly, I'll shove my pride in a basket
Throw it off a cliff, 'cause pride I won't have it
It'll be the death o' me, if I leave it be
So I'ma let go, an' let God free me like

[Verse 3]
My life, same book, new chapter
So many questions, I've asked, with no answers
Stay true, more real than an actor
I know I'm not a gangster, but yo' boy a rapper
Time to wrap up, lemme say somethin'
In God there is freedom from your past no sufferin'
I forgot, why I was down in the first place
Down like downtown, down like bass
I'ma move on, keep flyin' higher
I'm an eagle flyin' out the coop, barbed wire
Rewired like a Coupe, new tires
Upgraded with a new roof, I'ma rider
Rollin' with my homies in the church, on fire
We're all reppin' Christ, gave life, late riser
Feelin' wiser, now I know the truth
So I'ma write about it, an' spit it behind the booth like
Track Name: Adoration
Adoration | Numatik

And’ I find, I’m just like one
I pour a year’s of wages on the Son
I’m done with poor living’, overcome by the way...
He accepted me, scented offering...
Let the oil run, run, let it run (x3)

[Verse 1]
Mic check one, two, one, two
One dude livin’ with an IOU
IOU what I cannot do
On my own, what I can’t see, I need truth
I wanna’ be like superman
No glory to me, but save peeps
No stupor man
No feelin’ of distress
Disbelief long gone,
Believin’ that my God will soon address
Every single problem
Followin’ the bread crumbs
Swallow from His spring that He bring
When I’m fed some
Re-read, see red, then shed One
Once He rose, he just goes, brand new robes
Suddenly arose, death defeated
Wanna’ run to Him, ‘cause I know I really need it
I’m really needin’ a God who hears me
Cause I’m runnin’ outta’ words, so lend me your ear please

[Verse 2]
I’m needed, by my heavenly Father
Believin’, even if I’ma die, I’ll die as a martyr
Martyred in the faith, started in the states
Now I find myself laying on the concrete
Whoa, hold up, this is all hypothetical
Got an’ overactive mind, all of it the usual
Here I am spittin’ the same game
Spittin’ the same things, an’ reppin’ the same King
I’m feelin’ the same flame, it fits
Gotta’ fire burnin’ inside, you can’t douse the wick
Can’t house the kids runnin’ away
Take a couple hits, but love ‘em all anyways
Love ‘em like everyday
I wanna’ be the one to say, yes to the impossible
Praying that it all become possible
Flatten every obstacle layin’ in my path, an’ laugh
Nothin’s impossible for my heavenly Dad

[Verse 3]
I’ma look to Him ‘cause I need Him so
I need His power in my life, tellin’ sin no
No I’ll never fall
He freed me from it all
I got everything that I’m needin’, I got the call
An’ now, I gotta’ reason to fight
Make oppression, all possession be submissive to light
What we’re missing is right, in front of all of our faces
God said I’m with you, till the end of the ages (Pause)
Got dozens of pages, filled with multiple phrases
God’s children often found, shoutin’ suitable praises
Here I am Lord, available to use
When I was busy they called me Muse
Dancin’ on the regular, never had time for you, now I do
Got me livin’ as a messenger, spittin’ truth
I’ve givin’ dudes, spiritual food to chew
Our lives only worth it, when they’re given to you
Track Name: Lettin' Go
Lettin’ Go | Numatik

Yeah! It’s time to turn your music up!
I don’ know if y'all are ready for this one! Let’s go!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, oh!
That’s all I’m hearin’, ignore it an’ let it go (lettin’ go)
Jchea, like throwin’ a free throw (let’s go)
I’ma rise above, ma’ haters all down below
All I hear is, na, na, na, na, na, na
All I hear is, na, na, na, na, na, na
All I hear is, na, na, na, na, na, na, oh!
I’ve got everything I’ll be needin’ so les’go

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah you may think you got it all (got it all)
Think you’re a man now, you don’t even gotta’ doll
Hittin’ walls, you don’t even gotta’ job
How you gon’ live life? How you gon’ provide for your wife?
Can’t pay for your rent, no money to spend
Not even a cent, all you got is a pen
When, that’s all I’m hearin’ from the enemy
No you’re not a friend o’ me, I know you’re not a friend of He!
Back up homie, I don’ wanna hear it if
All you got for me is pain, I’m not here to feel it I am
Movin’ forward, jchea with my chest high!
Livin’ for the One who died, I’m gonna’ live right!

[Verse 2]
Yada, yada, yada, nada on the radio
Nada on the television, rather listen when it’s over
When the shows are filled with mo’ kosher
Filled with less odors, less filth an’ posers
Next, guess what the media imposes
Even if you lose your life, well that’s showbiz
All’a the glitter an’ lights, follow my twitter tonight
Promise you the fame, livin’ Larger than Life !
Backstreet Boys, hustler’s go getta’s
Young cats with gats attack they cold killas
Women of our age, seductive slim figure
Hollow, bad models to follow o’ true winners!

[Verse 3]
Already dealin’ with selfish ambitions
Gotta’ kill the pride, inside, they start dissin’
Even other Christians, haters in the buildin’
I’ma fly high, boy higher than the ceiling
An’ I will win, strayin’ from that wide road
In the narrow lane, goin’ fast, an’ I won’ slow
Reload, take aim as I gun it down
Run away from sin, an’ I’m goin’ for that Triple Crown
Cripple pounds, pounds of old baggage
Lettin’ go of so many soul ties, an’ damage
So free my soul, my soul cries, advantage
Paired up with He, G-O-D, a true savage!
Track Name: Courage (feat. James Landrum)
Courage | Numatik ft. James Landrum

I will never run and’ hide
I will never run and’ hide, you’re worth it
Holding’ out, I’ll fight the fight
Holding’ out I’ll fight this fight in courage—

[Verse 1]
Uh, I step out in courage, each step God encourage
Out of’ sight out of mind, sort of’ out of sorts
Soul leaning’ into Christ, lead us into power surges—
Electrified believer, seeder reaping’ simply
Seeds under cedars, seen a fire in believers—
Even in a people— rushing’ through town ‘till we’ve seen more
More than what we know
More than self-renowned leaders—
I’ve seen a town try to keep up
Sentimental seats, cast vision of a generation— in need of’ saving’
Saved men, and’ women, ceiling risen, in an instant
Each and’ every child now given—
Inheritance, God on the realness—
Man He authentic, oh God how you do this now
How you’ve given me attention when I needed it
Believing’ in, now I stand at attention—

[Verse 2]
Worship flow out of me, The River run rapidly
Autonomy, an independent quality—
Freedom in my steps, through a lens
From a heart of’ geek, got a heart of’ gold
Like Midas got a hold of me— Still
I envision broke seals on my window
Lies what I believe, destination floating’ embers
Buds, all caught out of nature
Innate to serve others while I still nurture natures—
Realigned with Christ, now we all co-creating’—
Limitless potential, overflowed vessels
Over road blocks, try to stop up our sent hope
Dreamers come dream here, vision sound central—
We invite you to the ball— welcome
Come with a thirst—filling’ up your engines
Glory, glory, courage in the heart intended
Never gonna’ quit; keep fighting’ with a vengeance—!

[Bridge x2]
Open up my eyes—
I pray you’d open up—
God I want to see you move
Give me the courage
To see it through

[Verse 3]
Strike midnight, frightful silhouettes arrive—
Lines upon lines of knights—
Might try for carrying’ light, can you carry what He carried?—
Harboring’ life, put on the armor of light— (uh)
A sea of faces, staring’ at the sun, blood red
An enemy keep aiming’ for my head— let him!
Let him try to harm me, sorry got an army,
An’ I’m warning’ you can’t touch me
We’re all charging’—!
Track Name: Jack & Jill
Jack & Jill | Numatik

Okay, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me...
(Haha) she loves me―

Jack an’ Jill (Ja-ja-ja-jack)
I’m just’ waitin’ fo’ my moment (yes sir)
When I get to hold her close an’
Jack an’ Jill (Ja-ja-ja-jack)
I will never let her go, never let her go ―
Oh, here we go

[Verse 1]
Let me take a minute an’ let it ride (ride)
Everything I’m feelin’ I know I (I)
Never want to’ let her go
Lay low, write more, then I’ll rock shows
Lettin’ go of my dream’s so irrational
The promise of a nice wife with a golden glow (whoa)
She’ll be rockin’ the stage with me
Elect, spendin’ all of her days with me
Can we now ― conjure up elaborate plans?
To an’ fro, as we undergo, dodgin’ the undertow
The current’s quick in the mainstream
See, I’ma stay true to my main team

[Verse 2]
We’ll make, a great tag-team couple
Thinkin’ I’m partial, half in, I’m not though
I’m all in, sold out for you
So it begins, bright, like the new moon
It’s evident I want to vibe with you
Relax my mind, spend time with you
I admire you, you stick to yo’ guns
Confident, yeah I’m on to it
You’re so passionate, no accident
Blown away, by your beauty, extravagant
(Uh) An’ every time that I see your face
When the bass start bumpin’ an’ the crowd starts jumpin’
It’d be crazy livin’ life like that
Always together, mic in hand, reppin’ Christ like that
It’d be crazy, but I’d love it ―
Getting’ to rock shows with my wife out in public

And I ― (I ―)
Will never let her go ― no, no, no
And I ― (I ―)
Will never let her go, (whoa) (no, no ―)

Jack an’ Jill (Ja-ja-ja-jack) (no ―)
Jack an’ Jill (Ja-ja-ja-jack) (no ―)
Oh here we go ―
Track Name: Right Here
Right Here | Numatik

So uh, this one right here
Is uh, for my future wifey
And to restore some standards, yeah

I don’ know, if you really know
That I’ma be right here, never let you go
I’ll hold your hand through whatever kind o’ weather
As long as we’re together flyin’ higher forever
I don’ know, if you really know
That I’ma be right here, never let you fall
I’ll hold your hand through whatever kind o’ weather
As long as we’re together flyin’ higher forever

[Verse 1]
I don’ really know if you know
That I’ma be right here, an’ I promise that I’ll never let you go
Never let you fall, no not ever
I’ll love you one an’ only, through whatever kind o’ weather
Whether or not, the days we’re not vibin’
Don’ wanna’ be apart, parted like a hyphen
My loves violent, thinkin ‘bout you, everyday
In a way, spinnin’ like a siren, replay
All o’ my thoughts, images in my heart
To start, your beautiful, musical, fine art
I know if we’re together, make a tag-team couple
Complement each other, while shovin’ away the rubble
Lovin’ away the trouble, no need fo’ a how to
Make room, fo’ our God to do what He do
He’s so needed, believin’ that He’ll come through
Waitin’ on the promise of you, I hope you come soon

[Verse 2]
I’ve been waitin’, an’ writin’ a long letter
Talkin’ about, how you an’ I, we belong together
Walkin’ down the aisle, holdin’ hands
It’s a new adventure that we’re on, big plans
Big Tymers, you my No. 1 Stunna
Still fly, ‘till forever, one an’ only lover
No other, all I want is you
Discover one another, uncover all o’ the truth
Learnin’ about each other, in between
Pursuin’ a God dream, be more than a good dream
You know what I mean, we make a good team
Makin’ the world a better place, so bring on the good things
I’m so pumped fo’ our first date
An’ I can’t wait fo’ our first hug, call it first take
First time fo’ everything, pullin’ out a wedding ring
So I can ask you to marry me

[Verse 3]
There’s so much, I wanna’ say
So little time to write down, everything that I’m feelin’
You’re so amazin’, passionate so you’re blazin’
Unchangin’, protectin’ what you believe in
What I see, receivin’ I’m so excited
I know when I see your face my eyes widen
Tryin’ to get a better look, but you walk away
Disarrayed, it’s all good, see you some day
One day, we’ll be livin’ a new life
One soul, forever, together we’ll take flight
Soarin’ high, above the clouds
Never plan on comin’ down, not now
If we do, it’s to bring truth, true tryin’ to slay youth
Father God battin’ a thousand, Mr. Babe Ruth
But we gon’ partner together
Sharin’ His presence, won’t partner with terror, not ever

We’re flying high, we’re flying higher, we’re going’ up, up past the clouds, oh here we go now…
Track Name: Limitless [prod. by JuanCarlos of Theophanous Ent.]
Limitless | Numatik

No tellin’ where we’re headed n-ow (limitless)
Got a head up over the clou-ouds ― now
(Te-Tell me what my limit is) ―
No tellin’ where we’re headed n-ow (limitless)
Got ahead I’m over the cr-owd ― now
(Now I know I’m not limi-ted) ―

[Verse 1]
Too many to count, too many to Count
Dracula will he suck it all out?
The Red in the veins o’ the powerhouse, crowned
He a powerhouse now, will He power that ― sound?
Like a light bulb flushing out the night sky, fashioned insight, he got a passion to write
Rhymes ― the acrylic that he spread on the white
The right canvas, can this be?
It’s like he planned it, stand in, place of the music that so candid
Rampant, violent acts they just rant ‘em
Negative vibes, we try to cover their eyes
Instead o’, empower people with a covenant kind
We are ― starting’ to realize, stuntin’ with real signs, we’ll find, that we’ve been ― lovin’ ‘em real kind
Real time, in our day in age like computing’
Everything’s limitless now, watch how I do this!

[Verse 2]
Well Spoken, I was sort o’ hoping that I could pull out o’ my well what I’ve been soaked in
Now I’m soaked up, it won’t hold up
O-R to Cali, call it the Gold Rush
Focused, yeah the Red run through
Chill down the spines of a Red Rum crew
Now Shining, used’ to be a nickel’ son, now I’ma dime man, rockin’ like Nicholson (ha) ―
Murder my flesh, Jack & Jill to the Plaza, we got it packed out
People under the power they knocked ― down
Love put ‘em to deep rest, ‘til they clock out, runnin’ like it’s a reflex
We get ― all that we need in this context
Reflect out o’ the world’a new subject
Equipped, all that I need to drop bombs
Got a joyous sound risin’ outta’ my lungs
Uh, I breathe in ― realize a limitless dream
Got limitless choice wit’ no limit to green
I gotta’ cash flow from an’ unlimited King
He saved my soul homie it is such an intimate thing
Wow, take a look at me now
I see doors flying open off the hinges now ―
I use to straddle the bench
Now Jayme shackle the lynch
Straight rattle ‘em up yeah he don’ even flinch ―

More than anything, I want to reach ya ―
(Re-re-reach out an’ grab back)
More than it all, in all I want to see your ―
Limits get, (li-li-li-li-limitless)
Track Name: Elevated
Elevated | Numatik

Now I know— what it means—
What it means now— (yeah)
He said “I know” —
What it means— to find— myself alone—
I stay elevated— yeah—
I stay elevated— Oh— oh—

[Verse 1]
Yeah—if I could—
Sort through my thoughts…
Each word—given in my heart— stored—
Kept away, into a safe haven
Lately— trust means more than observation
Through the hourglass, a lens past time and’ space
Figure eights—saved— yes’now—
Etched, into the mind of a dreamer
Painstaking care, diligent in not here, but there—
Sucking’ sap, intact, in fact— into another realm
Like an aphid, miniscule—
Affinity to truth—
Do we run with it?
Cut loose—rush through this
Recluse, love given, now
Moved up in an’ instant—

[Verse 2]
See my pen sway in ways, I’ve never seen—
How’d he take a man to arrive at a means?
To arrive at a place I’ve never seen—
Never doubted once, that I wouldn’t doubt teams realizing’
How he made us to be—
How crafty, rhyme fiends— crafted from low key
Soaking’, every bit of hope’s springs—
Spring up into action—passive into passion
Passing’ acts, in the Acts of a master addict—
Added— more than the words from a practice
Real time happens, from laughing’ away the Kold—
Fact is—sometimes— it takes more than what we know—
Takes holding’ onto one who in turn’ll make us grow— (grow)
Track Name: Mr. Dream Man
Mr. Dream Man | Numatik

Am I getting’ ready to go? (go)
Find me in an Oz with Toto
(Oh no—) you would swear I was loco
Like kukoo for cocoa-oa— I know my motto
Solo? Nah— Dolo? Nah—
Dreamin’ an’ I won’t stop reachin’ for it a—ll
Mr. Dream Man, reachin’ for it all
Dreamer dreamin’, reachin’ for it all—

[Verse 1]
In a dream state (state) — where my mind at?
Rockin’ a red cape (cape) — gon’ rewind that—
Now it play it back in my minds’ eye
Is this a dream that I’m in? Or my real life? (life)—
So good to me now, looking’ down
Crooked smile from your lips, versatile—
Took the hurt from my past, won’t hurt me now
I’m goin’ higher, Rocketeer— Tedder style
(Here we go—)
Goin’ off— I won’t begin to touch ground till’ I see my pops
Doin’ big things, limitless things
My future’s lookin’ so good, I just gotta’ sing—

[Verse 2]
An’ if you took it all away—
Everything I love to the music that I ma-ke—
Always on my grind, dreamin’ for another d-ay—
Livin’ in the present, sent a gift an’ so I wait (wait)—
Every moment that I have, stopped rushing’—
I’m above it, like a comet—
Flyin’ fast, on fire call it, arson (ugh)

[Verse 3]
Eight more bars, awake more stars
Seven-Armed individuals hidden behind God
One filled with joy, another faithful at large
Another sister who administer to spiritual knots
Another courage, strength, hope-filled saints
One who we know go hard in the paint (paint)
One with power, this is the hour
For healers, an’ lovers, need fighters who light— up our world—!

(For it all, for it all, oh—)
Am I getting’ ready to go? — (leave space, echo)
I said, am I getting’ ready to go? —
Mr. Dream Man—
Track Name: R & R
R & R | Numatik

[Verse 1]
A cold night, shiver down the spine of a man
So possessed by the rhythm of’ rhyme
Expressing’ impressions impressed on the mind
Find― desire to share, he dare to live in the times―
Everyone’s joyous, everybody free
And’ where Joy is, (ha) that’s where I want’ to be
I want to be on fire, maybe kinda’ of’ like her
Filling’ up the church, no not a survivor―
Said, I’m still in the church, I guess I wonder my worth
Sometimes― (what’s up?) Find doubt is the worst
Sometimes― pressure it hurts, sometimes I want to tap out―
And’ then I wonder how’d He get a young kid to shout loud?
(shouted out)
He put word after word after word in my mouth
Still it doesn’t end, music come out―
I love it! Uh, Can’t get enough of Him―
The Giver― we take it back to the shiver― (brr)
We take it on back to the times――
On personal genesis, sit’ rhythm and’ rhymes―

[Hook x2]
Ready runners running’ with rhetoric
I read a bit, then I wrote down, down what I was feeling―
Put it in song, personal R&R (rest and relaxation), surgical, verticals―
Dreaming’ about a cause―

[Verse 2]
My wake up―greeted by the sunshine’ rays
You see the Son shine rays, greetings’ He run this place―
I got my passion back (Ay!) ― ‘Guess I got my swagger back’
Passionate, swagger jacked from the King of kings, He compassionate
“Don’t cry―that’s where the action at
Collisions― decision, that’s where the camera pans
Waves―sudden we ride blessing’
The mission, creating’ ways, to live different―
The difference, saved by intention
Now paved direction, to be frank it’s messing’
With my― plans― my head is
It won’t last, the truth is
I won’t ask, but when I do I know He come fast―
Definite, infinite, even omnipotent one
Got a King, more power than the gun―
I’m empowered by the power, God released as one―
And’ I know that He’ll win, ‘cause He already won

[Verse 3]
Blown away― beyond a running’ fan―
Running’ back, out’ the world, a love attack―
Waiting’ for me, love entact―In me
Get a hollaback
(back, back)
Love enact in me, joy―
Got to dance wild, let it out, I enjoy
While I got feeling’, showing’ my feelings
Invent addicting― intent to living―
Track Name: Valued
Valued | Numatik

Here we are (are) again I find myself in―
A merry-go-round again, I need help when (when, when)
I start spinning’ in circles― instead of’ moving forward
I’m on the border―
Here we are (are) again I need a helping’―
Hand when I’m falling’ in― Into the darkness
I start feeling’ so worthless― I need a loving’ father
Tell me God am I worth it?

[Verse 1]
Overcome’s past me― the passions lasting―
Ask me, never thought of rapping’― music was the last thing―
Honestly― As far as I could see, I was an oddity in all honesty
Now I’m running’ with the wind, went behind me
The win tryna’ find me, my targets’ realigned me
Favor following’ all of’ my footsteps, sorrow tryna’ plague me
Sorry I’m a lucid mind, looted power, now I’m fine
No factors, I am prime, no matter if I die
Try my hand at heaven’s eyes, I’m― (valued)

[Verse 2]
I’ve seen a lot of tall trees fall―
Let down, cut down by the buzz saw, saw every single oak hold ghosts
Frail memories of what was, brittle dreams and’ hopes
Militant with the past, if it don’t tap, then we bump glass
If we don’t cap then we grow past―
Even if I’m wrong right now, pray that I can see
20/20 vision, near-sight missing’
Begin to dream again, a fleeting’ image
Passionate people at work, empowered like the Senate
Leaders of our tomorrow, only the beginning’
Ascending’ onto new heights― Mt. Kilimanjaro―!

We gon’ see a change (change, change)
We gon’ see change, say it with me now!
We gon’ make a change (change, change)
We gon’ be changed―!
Track Name: Well Spoken
Well Spoken | Numatik

I want’ speak well
Even if I’m wrong— I got to’ unpack— I’m back from it all
I want’ to speak well
Tryna’ form the words instead I find my lips won’t make a sound
I’m just’ tryna’ do well, well, well (well, well, well)
I’m just’ tryna’ speak well, well, well (well)

[Verse 1]
I look on, gaze into your eyes, you an’ me displayed
Deep inside— see a love for me I’ll never be the same
Oh I— love the encouraging truths, to the little things you do
How we always stay in sync, God I’ll always stay in tune—
I’m riding the rhythm— of your heart beat
It beats through the beats, an’ it— beat beat while I speak
While I’m at my lowest, all knowing’, pick me up while I’m weak
An’ I’m, so lost in your words— float in your promise, now I fly upwards
Word— Fly with the birds, heard what you did
What you said— Lord I know you’re for real—
An’ when the week ends— no weak ends
I’m like a knot tied tight to the deepest
Part of you, no secrets
In the shadow of your wings, while I bring you my weakness
Just as I am, justice an’ all that I am
All that I— stand for—
All that I bring to the stands—
Hurt from the past— hurt from the past that— lasts
—Will you take it all away?
Suddenly I’ll live for today—
Never have to worry, doubt you, or display on my face—
Any kind o’ lack, fact got you and your grace—
God you and’ your ways—
How it seem to work out, like a puppet play
With the strings out, far from me, won’t touch me
This is real lovin’, so lovely—

[Verse 2]
Dear, — who ever will listen—
Here I am, fighting’ to the finish
Through the good and’ the bad
Adieu to the mood that I had, while I move to the back—
I had a lot of’ problems that you came to solve—
Still got tons, one you cannot resolve
Well this is how it seems
Got me filled with questions— God show me how to lead—

[Verse 3]
Could I really I really be a leader?
Even when I break down—
And’ with you refuse to meet up
So here I am, open—
Promise this prayer that I speak, be well spoken—

I prayed (I prayed) you heard, you heard each word
I’d say (I’d say) you came, (came) you mean the world—
Track Name: Let It Rock
Let It Rock | Numatik

[Verse 1]
Everybody wanna’ be a rebel, trouble
Live life like an echo, double
See three PO’d all muscle
Then you see the subtle, shift, struggle
Everybody tryna’ grow up, but who’ll show ‘em?
How to live right, in time before they blow up
Whoa, step back for a minute
Other peeps creep, just wanna’ be with it
Wanna’ be in it to win, so they sippin’ on gin
For a rep, get ‘em dabblin’ with sin
An’ it’s crazy, mainly, this is how we get grown
Tryna’ fit in, wanna’ be well known

Let it rock, let it rock, let it rock, let it rock, let it rock (x4)
Ay, come on let it rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
Yeah, tellin’ everyone we won’t stop, stop, stop, stop
When everybody livin’ life, wanna’ be a rebel
It’s old news, stop livin’ like an echo (echo)
An’ start livin’ how you’re supposed to
The good life instead’a livin’ like the old you

[Verse 2]
I got a friend, the fun never ends
He party hard, then he’s so spent
I don’ know why he be livin’ in events
Why not in identity livin’ from descent
He like a wave in the sea, got him wavin’ to me
I wonda’ why he be doped up, he smoked some
He’s choked up, the church start to poke fun
They gotta’ stop, or watch while friend toke one
I don’ know why he do what he do though
He saw God work, an’ started pursuit mode
Bold, he’d go out on a limb
He was livin’ for God, instead’a flirtin’ with sin

[Verse 3]
A wannabe not livin’ how you outta’ be
It’s odd to me, not livin’ true anomaly
Drop that come back to reality
You were meant for more than that, that I can guarantee
I rep Christ, it’s not to be cool though
It’s not for an image or tryna’ fool joes
I found life, not just yada yada
I found Christ, all power no nada nada
Track Name: Pulse (feat. sammyK)
Pulse | Numatik ft. sammyK

[Intro x2]
Love in the sound, bring in a joyful noise
Can you feel it? A sound that you cannot avoid
So consuming like a fire inside o’ my soul
I feel it now, hold-up I’m feelin’ the pulse

Lift your hands, way up high
Been rolling’ now we can go dance all night
No limitations, you won’t frustrate me
I’ma dance harder, to the pulse, on the way in
Lift your hands, hold ‘em high
It’s getting’ dark we can just party all night
Now I’m straight zoning’, my body finna’ float in
Let me see you crazy party people dance harder

[Verse 1: Numatik]
I let go— not trying’ to relive it— (live it, live it)
I let go— unblock inhibition— (missing’, missing’)
Yo, each step like a Science—
Circle round one, big ups to Amy for mining’
Gold— “If you’re dancing for Him”, quote
“That’s all that matters— go win—”, whoa—
Rocked my world— tongue-tied, sure
Then I got down, Nutcrackers on my nerves—
Word— two shots at my pride
Who thought intertwined with the thoughts in my mind—
So unreal, so surreal—
So Surreal from the Sound Providers
Got sounds provided— like a “Walk in the Park
Shook round one, The Judge took us up to the top, agh!

[Verse 2: sammyK]
Let me quickly introduce myself, hi I’m sammyK
You may, or may not like me, but ha, I’m here to stay
My heart is pulsing, beating, screaming’ ‘can’t believe this track I’m hearing!’
Jayme made them beats like Dre without you even wearing’
See the room spin, jumping, and dancing’ and bouncing
Feel the bass bump, styling’ and keep up the rhythm
Hear this fresh sound, and let your ears pound
And every time I turn, I want to hear you scream loud
One by one, two by two, you put this up on the replay
Blowing’ up the speakers, make you look like child play
Put your hands up high, straight up to the sky
And’ we won’t stop bumping’, and pumping’ all through the night
My mind boggled got to be kidding’ me, ain’t it easy
Rapping lyrics like Numatik’s flow, just so, so steezy
Feeling the pulse, there ain’t no stopping’ it now
sammyK and Numatik, bro we killing’ the sound!

I’ma dance harder, dance harder
We gon’ dance harder, dance harder
I’ma dance harder, dance harder
We gon’ dance harder— pulse!
Track Name: Pied Piper (feat. James Landrum)
Pied Piper | Numatik ft. James Landrum

[Verse 1]
Four, more juice from Marlow
See our role models rock poised in purple
Fertile, got money, they hurt though
Be a role model, motto ‘don’t be hurtful’
An’ so you see em’, ‘picture perfect’ cut-outs
See the picture’s worth it, but the perfect jus’ snuck out
Like the perfect die out, or never make it home
So they sell out, stuck in the middle of what they feel is work now
They’re strength zapped by the work-out
Work now an’ prayin’ that it gon’ work out
A nine-to-five, somethin’ we analyze
A tribe that come together make music an’ thrive
Survive is not an option, I lie inside o’ caution
Toxic ― instead o’ sippin’ lies, I sip arson
A fire starter ― engulfed in my own flames
In armor, see the stars burnin’, in turn I run harder!

Meteor showers in the night, burning bright ―
Searching for a sign, will I find, what it is I’m searching for?
Echoes in the night, of a Pied Piper ― (whoa)
Searching for a sign, will I find, what it is I’m searching for, Oh, I’m searching ―

[Verse 2]
Before wrist watches, an’ gold rings
Imagination chasing’, in forests, it was an’ old thing
Kids be playing’, creating’, and keep safe
Young minds realizing’ their dreams an’ just chase it
Heart racing’, impossibilities possible
Everything was a probable, shootin’ stars was a logical
Choice ― An’ anything that you dreamed of
Would never die out, ecstatic you Geeked-Up
Free of heavy shackles, labels an’ moving’ backwards
Attacks would keep you quiet, now running’ to start a riot
You like it, an’ so you try it, you leading’ all of the fighting’
They fussing’ for you to stop ― but dreamers they keep riding’ ―
They keep riding’— we keep riding—
They keep riding’— we keep riding—
They keep riding’— we keep riding—
They fussing’ for you to stop ― but dreamers they keep riding’ ―
Track Name: Paradise [prod. by DJ Naydee, ft. Andrew Kwon]
Paradise | Numatik ft. Andrew Kwon

[Verse 1: Numatik]
As a kid, I always wondered where—
The automated Voice at the end of the line lived—
Or why a picture seem closer in the mirrors on the side
Of my dad’s red ride while he driving’—
I’ve always wondered how a man so possessed
By the One who created him in love, stay a titan—
And’ even in the winter cold, seen snow
Slow roll, ‘cause you’ll never see him fold, fruit ripens—
“I’m a runner, machine gun, gunner—
regime if you know what I mean, we outnumber—…”
Said in a verse, worth a quick listen,
If lives aren’t changed, then I’ve missed it—
Whoa— I need a people to rise up, so find us
We in this ‘till dawn breaks, and’ lights up—
We running’ hard—going’ so fast
Arriving’ at the goal, paradise at last—!

[Verse 2: Andrew Kwon]
I remember as a little boy
I wondered what it was like, on the other side, in the paradise
Now that heaven is reality, it’s no longer just a story
And I just can’t wait to see Him face to face―

Come take my hand into the land of no more tears and pain
We will praise eternally, worship the Lord of lords, and King of kings!

[Verse 3: Numatik]
Yeah—I really wonder what it’s like up in paradise
I know it’s not a pair of’ dice for a better life—
Not a chance! Not a random roll—for a—
Wayfaring’ soul, it’s called hope, value—
Put on a promise, I promise that it gon’ rock you
Knowledge dropped on, like bombs
It will not top truth— Memories’ll fade if you let it—
Fitting’ to say, “Ay, (ay, ay, ay) don’t let Him go—
Take hold, and’ don’t sweat it!”
Everything will be taken care of
Seek first His kingdom, and’ King apparel
Apparent to the world, pearls that be living’
Shining’ like stars, worth more than a business—―
Worth more than your feelings’ it’s truth on my brain—
Truth in the way that I live, tell ‘em Drew—
Never letting’ go of this promise He gives—
(Yes suh— yes suh, uh!)

[Verse 4: Andrew Kwon]
And’ I’ll be dancing in the street of dreams
Singing’ melodies, giving God the glory―
And’ everyday that I’ve been waiting
I know this day is coming, no I just can’t wait to see Him face to face

And’ I just can’t wait, all the things that we gonna’ do
(I want to fly away to where you are)
Lost away in time, in you I’ll find forever―
(In you I’ll find forever)

Come take my hand, (would you lead me, lead me by the hand God)
Into the land of no more tears and pain (no more tears, no more suffering’)
We will praise eternally (I can see it now―)
Worship the Lord of lords, and King of kings! (Haha, I can’t wait―)
Track Name: Live It Out [prod. by M.I.C. of Never Fade Records, ft. James Landrum]
Live It Out | Numatik ft. James Landrum

“For the kingdom of God is not mere talk, but an empowered life…”
We gotta’ live it out, let’s get it! ―

[Verse 1: Numatik]
Oh yeah we talk a lot
We say that we gon’ walk it out
Now how many of us are nervous or ―
Truly trust what He all about
Livin’ loud ― power not for later but for now
Like I’m on an elevator risin’ up into the clouds
Sounds ― music out my head
It’s like He adding’em in, and now I’m at it again
Call me Adam in the garden
Every atom ascended―
Now I’m livin’ life from a heavenly bent man
Wow, now I love so intentional
My heart is intense so
You know I gotta’ Let ‘Em Know (know) ―
An’ I hope that you feel me
No I’ll Never Fade
Made New, from the steel cage
So I go out, lovin’ everybody I see
Tryna’ follow what He did when he represent me
Now I know how, never will I stop up
I’ma live it out, Walk It Out like Unk bruh! ―

Live it out tonight (night, night, night)
We’ll live it out tonight (night, night, night)

[Hook: James Landrum]
We grindin’ ― homie what’chu talkin’ bout?
(Ta-ta) talkin’ bout ― everything that He do in my life (life)
You know I gotta’ walk it out (wa-walk it out)
Won’t jus’ talk about it, I’ma live it out tonight (Ay!) [Last Hook: repeat; “live it out tonight, I’ma live it out tonight, I’ma live it out…”]
When the pain tryna’ get me, I’ma get silly
I’ma live it out tonight (Ay!) ―
Take aim at my city, same flame wit’ me
I’ma live it out tonight ―

[Verse 2: Numatik]
You can call me what you want to
I be eatin’ new food, hungry cause’ I know
There is nothing that He can’t do ―
So real ― comin’ in soon, fresh feet
Like He stuntin’ Nike, comin’ quickly ―
Look at Him now, relieving the crowd
Healin’, reachin’, releasin’ the power
Increasin’ the power, released in the hour
Hands up ― receivin’ it now
Enemy still tryna’ get me to bow
Clown, Jay smashin’ him now
Father in heaven callin’ me child
Love in the one worthwhile ―
Ugh, yeah I’m lovin’ every moment
Feelin’ like its Kodak, every time He on it
Zonin’ ― it seem Picture Perfect don’t it?
Homie I got Faith, Child listen to the chorus!
Track Name: D.I.T.R. [prod. by Elyon Beats]
D.I.T.R. | Numatik

[Verse 1]
I wake up in the morning’— from a dream I arise—
From a dream state miles away from this life— dealing’ with pride—
—Arrive at point of destination— headed for great things—
Greatness is in the making—
When my alarm clock rings—
And’ it’s on— twenty four gone, yesterday
But today will move on, and’ me I keep going’
These rhymes they keep flowing’
Jotting’ down a phrase, a thought in each moment—
Abiding’— best I know how—
And’ now in this God, we plan to grow now
When I’m gone— hope they found out
That God’s a good God, he treasure your grown smile
Invented your own style— out of the womb
I hope you realize, ain’t far from the truth
View a new you, unique to be you
Doing’ what you feel inside your own views
In tune with his move—ments—
‘I guess what I’m tryna’ say, keeping’ straight, off a two lips—
‘Cause I can say one thing, and then do another
I’m trying’ live right, would you help me Father—

[Pre-Chorus x2]
I’ma take today and’ let it ride— (ride)
I’ma trust in God, with my stars (stars)
I know (oh) that He’ll take me
Shake me, faith in; He won’t break me (me)—

[Hook x2]
Scene—He took me by the hand
Led me to a land, filled with honey, soft sand
Saying’, take a look, and’ try me if you can
Got a lot of’ stars hanging’ on a curtain, understand
This could be you, this is your inheritance
Nations will arrive at the sound of benevolence
(Uh) — so— these are my promises, will you hold on?
Sight’s on, to the heart in it—

[Verse 2]
When I’m gone, I want Him to remember me
That my name’s in that book of life—
And’ I— ain’t never want to live another minute
In another way diminishing’, my commitments—
I want to’ stay pure— essence of the Father
Never in a lack for love— stacked above—
And’ I’m staring’ at a storehouse—
Waiting’ for the doors to explode, and’ pour down—!

[Bridge x2]
It’s been a long time— (time)
Took a look at my past— (past)
Fleeting’ images, slip through my fingers, that I can’t grasp—
(I) find I try to take hold, yet— I should let it go (go)
I should let it go, and’ let it pass— (pass, pass)

[Verse 3]
Now it’s— back to work, back to my grind
Still keep a vision of you within’ mind—
Still keep the promise of truth within’ lines
In time I know I’ll find the answer to these cries—
And I stand on, ‘you’re a good God’
And’ I know that, in you I have love
And’ I never plan to turn away
No matter what I face— I’ma run, finish the race—!
Track Name: We Can Only Hope (feat. Joy Yokoi) [Bonus Track]
We Can Only Hope | Numatik ft. Joy Yokoi

Time may change, I’ma live in, a won’t fade, no way I’m believing’
Withhold the soul, or try to leave it, I’ma hold tight to this feeling’―
Oh― of a night, when we (when we) realign―

[Verse 1]
If I could go back, would I―? Like a time machine, I see a man―
Briefcase in hand, remembering’ the past, I remember all the plans we had―

Yasashii kaze ano aozora
A soft wind, blue skies
Omoide wo sobani
Keeping memories close
Kieteyuku Mae
Before it disappears
Holding onto forever― (yeah)

I’m never letting’ go (oh) ―

I remember those moonlit nights― those carnival rides
And’ I’d try to win that prize, will I meet you again?
Inside the storybook life―

I’ll remember the time wasurenaiyo
Sobani irukara, no matter where we go―
Ana taniaitai naniga atemo― We can only hope―

[Verse 2]
Even twenty-four hours ain’t enough
And’ I’m, still thinking’ about us―
Do you remember the firefly parade?
On that nice summer day, summer nights, gone aw(ay)―

Modorerunara mata ano hibini
If we could go back to those days
Futari no yakusoku
The promise we made
Moshi aerunara
If we could meet again
I’ll be waiting forever― (yeah)

Said, I won’t forget this
I won’t forfeit, it
All the joy that you brought to my life
Brought to my eyes, and I
I’ll keep that vision alive―!